About Us

The Altar Collective is a small press and arts collective based in Los Angeles and New York City. It was created in June of 2013 as a stepping stone for aspiring writers, but it has developed into an eclectic family of writers, artists, and musicians.  



Meet the Staff

Katie Hogan

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Creative Director

katiehogan (at) thealtarcollective (dot) com


Katie Hogan is the founder, editor-in-chief, and creative director of The Altar Collective. She is a twenty-four-year-old creative writing grad from the University of Southern California and recently received her MA in Publishing & Writing from Emerson College. Katie has studied advanced creative writing at Columbia University and has been nationally recognized for her writing by the National Council of Teachers of English. Her poetry has been featured in publications such as Quiet Lightning and The American Library of Poetry, and she has gained editorial experience as an intern at City Lights Booksellers and Publishers in San Francisco. Katie currently lives in Brooklyn.

John Rockwell

Poetry/Fiction Editor

jrockwell0 (at) gmail (dot) com


John Rockwell grew up in Topanga, California, whose town heroes wield quartz-tipped staffs and keep their life-size plastic rhinos in their front yards.  John began playing drums when he was eleven-years-old, and started to focus on music more and more as time went on. He also harbored a love for reading and writing, and, once he began writing his own music and lyrics, the concept of writing for the page seemed more tangible. John studied creative writing at USC to hone his knowledge and abilities as a writer and to meet more like-minded musicians, writers, and creative thinkers. He graduated from USC in the Spring of 2014 and is currently working on his first chapbook while writing, recording, and performing music throughout Los Angeles.

Yo-Yo Lin

Art Director

yoyolinn (at) gmail (dot) com


Yo-Yo Lin is a twenty-one-year-old animator/artist, studying at the University of Southern California in the Division of Animation and Digital Arts undergraduate program. Her artistic pursuits stem from a great love for fine arts and art history and a fascination for the frontiers of new media technology. She currently experiments with animation and installation, using projectors and sculptures to create new environments for her hand-drawn characters and films to live in. Yo-Yo also video-jockeys, combining her passion for animation with talented young performers and musicians, namely that of the Sokamba Performing Arts Company she helped develop at USC. She has showcased under the animation pioneer Rose Bond at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and video installation at the Studio Art Centers International in Florence, Italy. She finds her greatest inspiration comes from the artistic talents of her peers and dreams of collaborations that tell the crazy story of her generation. 

Jake Grossman

Event Coordinator & Client Relations

jakegrossman (at) thealtarcollective (dot) com


Jake Grossman sees the world through a camera. Growing up in a family full of producers and directors, Jake immediately began writing, filming, and producing his own shorts in middle school. He has worked for Vin Di Bona Productions and has helped set up countless amounts of award shows, like the Critic's Choice Movie Awards. In addition to being passionate about film and photography, Jake also finds his inspiration in poetry, often using it as the groundwork for his visual projects. Jake's creative spirit and dedication to producing has made our events, like the Kalliope Sessions and All Your Friends fest, possible.


Mascot & World Ruler


Lola grew up on the mean streets of Los Angeles before she was scouted to become the new face of Miu Miu. Even though Lola is only four months old, she has already published six collections of poetry (mostly about salmon treats) and been accepted to study law at Harvard. Lola likes window sills, wine nights with the girls, and collecting trash around her house so she can put it in her owner's

room. She is currently trying to get TAC sponsored by Greenies.