Thank you to the following artists for our website and cover art!

Kathy J. Liu

November 2015

Kathy J. Liu is a director-producer, guerrilla sketcher, and independent web content creator who came to filmmaking from a rigorous visual arts background. Her experimental-narrative short film “The Flames” won Second Place in the 2012 WHYY Hamilton Commons Youth Media Awards, while her next film, “Swan Song,” was named a finalist at the Fresh Takes National Youth Film Festival in 2013. Liu fell in love with cinematic storytelling and, in 2013, moved to Los Angeles to pursue cinema at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where she currently studies Film & TV Production and Animation.
Liu has also created a Youtube channel of her own for experimental-narrative films, music videos, animation, and DIY art online. Her channel currently has close to 10 thousand “subscribers” and more than one million video views


For more information/contact with Kathy, please visit her Instagram:

Kathy J Liu


Jun Baik

June 2015

Hi, call me Jun. I'm 23 years old. Born in Seoul, South Korea, I moved to Florida when I was 13, and then finally moved here to Los Angeles four years ago to study Animation. I've been doodling since as far as I can remember but never thought I would continue it as a lifestyle. I like to draw (and wish I had more time to draw) a whole slew of things, which usually ends up being weird cartoonish characters, but I also like drawing dream-inspired imageries and cautionary parables from time to time, in order to recenter myself when things get rough. Besides that, I draw comics for funsies and sometimes short animation, if time allows.


For more information/contact with Jun, please visit his website:

Jun Baik


Kai Jiang
January 2015

hi, my name is kai jiang and i’m 20 and i major in art with a minor in animation. i'm an american-born chinese kid who read a lot of big-eyed, fluffy japanese comics as i was growing up. i was born in manhattan but moved to tree-infested [boring] connecticut when i was young and now attend school in los angeles (rad). i like funky anatomy, anime & cartoons, snapbacks, street brand clothing, toilets (cause they’re funky shaped), pistachio baklava, and drawing.


For more information/contact with Kai,  please contact her via her website:

Kai Jiang

Marissa Borovay
October 2014

Marissa Borovay is student of art and literature in Los Angeles, California.  This spring, she will be studying literature in Scotland for a semester.  Marissa has been involved with multiple artistic activities, such as painting, modeling clothing, and horror movie effects makeup.  Marissa has a dark artistic style that she has used in her paintings for many years.  She enjoys incorporating morbidity and the grotesque into her artistic elements as a sardonic reflection of life.  Her fascination with monsters and horror strongly impacts her work.  Some of her favorite images and concepts can be seen throughout her paintings, such as barren wastelands with scattered trees, sinister creatures, and chaos.   "


For more information/contact with Marissa,  please contact her via facebook:

Marissa Borovay

Amy Goh
August 2014

Amy Goh is a Singapore-risen artist and weaver of worlds specializing in black and white illustrations in the surrealistic and sublime vein. Her ink-layered illustrations stitch together an encyclopedic visual repository wherein she scrutinizes and navigates memories, dreams, and the nebulous crevices of the mind. Amy is currently based in Montreal where she is masquerading under the cover of a normal human mask while actively exploring the potential for cross-medial artistic collaboration.  She is represented within North America by Coatcheck Gallery.


For more information/contact with Amy Goh,  please visit her website:

Amy Goh

Lucii Furr

May 2014

​​Lucii Furr has been creating and crafting ever since she discovered paper. Every page of school work was delicately covered in doodles. Growing up in Running Springs, she'd explore the woods until she found the perfect tree to climb up and fill blank pages. Lucii Furr has resided in Long Beach for the last 7 years, and has chosen to pursue the life of self-taught art. She uses the mountains that she still dreams of nightly inspire her daily. Her artwork is usually decorated with maps of every neighborhood, strange cliffs, shadows, structures, and creepy lonely homes with secret doors. Lucii Furr also draws comics for The Long Beach Post and participates in the Long Beach 2nd Saturday Art Walk every month on Broadway and Linden. You may also spot her sitting quietly drawing in the middle of "social gatherings".


For more information/contact with Lucii Furr,  please visit her website:

Lucii Furr - Facebook

Sleepy Lagoon

February 2014

​​Sleepy Lagoon is the "art" name for a 21-year-old artist Nestor Montecalvo. Nestor hails from one of the many suburbs encompassing Los Angeles. Since he was 19, he has spent an extensive amount of time in the Yosemite National Park Area, where he lives his life among trees, bears, and many strange characters who call Yosemite home. Nestor may be included as one of them. Each summer, Nestor can be found living and working in Tuolumne Meadows with a bottle of whiskey and his sketchbook not very far away from him. Like so many children, he was enchanted by Where The Wild Things Are and the stories of Edward Gorey, which inspired his current artwork. Since his finding that inspiration, Nestor has been sketching and creating strange and dark creatures of his own. When he is not hiking through the mountains or sketching at a desk, Nestor is probably holding some boring part time drudge job or sleeping in a hammock hanging over carefully tended lawns.


For more information/contact with Sleepy Lagoon,  please visit his website:

Sleepy Lagoon


Melina Flores

June-October 2013

Melina Flores is an anxious and introverted person who turns to drawing as an outlet. Her artwork is her outlet; she pours her anxiety and her stress onto the piece of paper, all while revealing her own characteristics. According to Melina, her drawings are very detailed because she likes to think of herself as an observer and focus on the details of everyday life. Melina decide to pursue her hobby of drawing about a year ago and has been active in the Los Angeles art community ever since.


For more information/contact with Melina Flores, please visit her website:

Melina Flores - Facebook