Do I have to be an unpublished writer?

Part of our goal as The Altar Collective is to act as a stepping stone for unpublished writers. Although we encourage unpublished writers to submit, we do accept published writers, but require to know past publications. However, we will not publish a piece that has been published elsewhere. 

May I submit more than once?

Yes! You can submit as many times as you want; however, we do not accept manuscripts and/or submissions after the submission period has ended.

Do I need to live in Los Angeles to be a contributor?

No, you do not. The Altar Collective has published writers from all around the world. That being said, we encourage writers from anywhere and everywhere to submit. If you are accepted and do live in Los Angeles (or willing to travel), however, you are more than welcome to come participate in our volume release events/open mics!

What genres/styles are you interested in?

We have no specific genres/styles we are looking for, unless otherwise noted in submission guidelines.

Is there any pay associated with being published in your book?

Unfortunately, since we are just beginning our literary journey, there is no pay. All the money we receive will be recycled right back into future volumes. Hopefully, in the future, we will be able to pay our contributors, but for now we're keeping it simple.

Where can I buy your books?


As of right now, you can purchase our books online via CreateSpace and Amazon. For physical copies, please visit Gatsby Books in Long Beach, CA and Skylight Books in Los Angeles, CA.