Thank you to the following musicians who have supported us at our events!

Jackal Hide
October 2014

Influenced by retro British and American rock n’ roll, native Los Angeles band Jackal Hide infuses styles that stretch from The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, to Young the Giant, Cage the Elephant and Arctic Monkeys. With catchy, 50’s rock n’ roll style guitar riffs, floating harmonies, stomping rhythms, driving choruses and simple yet entirely unique melodies, Jackal Hide redefines what it means to be “Pop Rock”. Jackal Hide combines the new with the old, creating a distinct sound that all generations will enjoy.


For more music by Jackal Hide, please visit their website:

Jackal Hide


September 2014

MUNA is an all-female trio of multi-instrumentalists brought together by a love of synth pop, funk guitar, R&B, and trip hop. Since forming in LA during the late fall of 2013, the self-described "dark pop" band immediately underwent a relentless writing and recording process that would culminate in the completion of the self-produced and recorded debut EP, more perfect, released digitally via Soundcloud & Bandcamp on Sunday, June 1st, 2014. more perfect's title is derived from a lyrical theme present throughout the project: the idea that normative and digestible identities are rewarded by society, while anything that fails to conform is marginalized. Through both the 5 song EP and future MUNA endeavors, the band hopes to present alternative, female driven narratives and through a decidedly approachable pop aesthetic.


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Rosie Tucker
August 2014

Rosie Tucker is a 20-year-old songstress who cannot seem to stop writing about the things that depress, embarrass, encourage and ignite her, including dilapidated houses, literary heroes, and semi-requited love affairs. Born in the San Fernando Valley, she was raised in a house with too many books and blames her upbringing for her fondness of wordplay, her favor of tragic narrative, and her bad eyesight. In 2014 Rosie was a finalist in the prestigious New Folk songwriting contest at Kerrville Folk Festival, and while this is the only instance of professional acclaim she can cite to date, she is confident that there will be other opportunities for unnecessary boasting as her career develops. In the meantime, Rosie studies music at the University of Southern California when she is not busy tending her succulent garden. 


For more music by Rosie Tucker, please visit her website:

Rosie Tucker


John Rockwell / King Hurrah
May 2014

After 6 years together providing the rhythm section for groups of numerous musical styles, King Hurrah's founding members John Rockwell and Marcus Hogsta decided to put out their own original material in 2010. They practice an organic, communal approach to songwriting and arranging; their music fleshes out parts of each individual instrument while emphasizing the unique signature of the other musicians they work with. Particularly, Hogsta’s bass acts almost as a lead instrument itself, adding movement and melody to Rockwell’s chords. Now that a full-band lineup has started to coalesce, King Hurrah looks to fine-tune its voice and move full steam ahead with frequent performances and new recordings in the next few months.


For more music by King Hurrah, please visit their website:

King Hurrah


February 2013

Shawn Rosenblatt, professionally known as Netherfriends, began his career in the mid-aughts composing layered indie pop music after graduating from Chicago's Columbia College. He spent nearly a decade touring constantly, sometimes with other musicians, playing thousands of shows and releasing dozens of musical projects and unique online components. In the early 2012 he shifted from doing straight indie-pop, layered-noise tunes to more hip-hop inspired rhythms, utilizing original and sampled sounds. He went into his Coyote Hearing Studios in 2013, and recorded what would become his debut LP "P3ACE" (pronounced three-peace).   Netherfriends is a unique artist who somehow manages to toe the line between being honest and overbearing. He is an artist that has a dedicated cult following who recognize that he creates art that is unique from anything anyone else is doing.

P3ACE is set to be released as a free download on 3/3/14 on

Cody Thomas
October 2013

Cody Thomas is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist born and bred in the hopeless abyss that is Southern California. His first venture into music was at the age of 13, when he attempted to learn as many death metal riffs as possible, which led him to form an attachment to his guitar. In the past eight years, Cody has evolved from his hardcore/metal roots into a folk-a-fied crooner of darkness, whose music is most reminiscent of artists such as Bright Eyes and Okkervil River. In September of 2011, Cody published his first solo release 'Apple Tree', which was later followed up in 2013 by 'Jerusalem', an album that began as a solo project but was ultimately completed by his band Black Veils. Cody currently lives on the coast of Oregon and is working on an acoustic solo album and a rock opera that will be released in early 2014.


For more music by Cody Thomas, please visit his website:

Cody Thomas


Jerome Holloway
July 2013

Jerome Holloway got his start in music playing drums as a child, though he didn’t pick up a guitar for the first time until his mid-20s when he became obsessed with records by the likes of Damien Rice and D’Angelo. “Once I heard (D’Angelo’s “Voodoo”),” he says, “I started listening to music differently.” Shortly thereafter, the thoughts he’d scrawled in his journal since childhood began morphing into songs. At that point, learning the guitar was just another natural step in the process. Holloway has gradually gained confidence as a musician and performer but, he still hasn’t completely shaken his youthful insecurities. Asked why he’s more comfortable pouring his emotions into songs than sharing them with others in day-to-day conversation, he says: “Sometimes I feel if I’m just talking about my problems … I’m just taking up people’s time. (With music) it’s kind of like ‘Here’s what I’m thinking … and maybe you’ll like this song as well.’”

For more music by Jerome Holloway, please visit his website:

Jerome Holloway